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bournemouth university tef silver award

bournemouth university tef silver award

bournemouth university has received a tef silver award in recognition of our teaching excellence. this award is institution-wide, and applies to all undergraduate courses at bu. the award, given in june 2017, was initially in place for three years, but heis have now had their awards extended to 2021, when a reassessment will take place. 

the uk government has introduced the teaching excellence and student outcomes framework (tef) for all higher education institutions in the uk. the framework benchmarks universities across the uk on the basis of a range of measures of teaching excellence.

the framework recognises teaching excellence, learning environment and student outcomes, with each institution given an award of gold, silver or bronze, based on a set of benchmarked metrics and a written submission. the definition of silver is that the institution is 'delivering high quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its students. it consistently exceeds rigorous national quality requirements for uk higher education'.

bu’s vision is to provide excellent education, combined with research and strong links to practice and industry. we are therefore pleased that bu was awarded silver with the following notes:

  • "very high placement levels with all students offered placements and there is a very high proportion of uptake
  • systematic and well-embedded staff development mechanisms, with most staff holding a teaching qualification
  • strong support for peer assisted learning within the institution and very good uptake levels
  • effective student engagement that is supported by a number of initiatives such as the development of a well-received student research assistant programme
  • good levels of investment in, and student use of, learning resources, including the development of a student project bank
  • very high levels of professional accreditation.”

these comments reflect the strengths of our fusion approach across bu, in particular our focus on the integration of research and practice with education at bu and our investment in learning opportunities, resources and support.

the tef panel also noted that:

“the provider metrics supplemented by the submission indicate that the provider achieves good outcomes for most of its students, in particular with regards to retention and progression to highly skilled employment or further study for its part-time students. although there is performance notably below benchmark relating to nss, the provider’s submission demonstrates adequate mitigation.”

the national student survey (nss) is one of the measures used in the tef. bu has been working to improve student satisfaction and the other aspects measured by the nss across all our courses, as demonstrated by improving scores in the last two years, and this work will continue.

we have developed our vision for bu towards 2025, and we will maintain our drive for the highest standards of quality in teaching excellence, learning environment and student outcomes, across all our courses, in the context of our distinctive approach to the fusion of education, research and practice.